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Current digitalization has meant that in many cases, the first contact between clients or potential clients with any brand is in the hands of the Community Manager (CM) . This plays a very important role, but on some occasions, the role is played by non-professionals or people with very little experience who can cause a real crisis in the company if they do not handle communication correctly. This is precisely what happened to the Email Data Mexican jacket brand Vocamx and in this case we are going to investigate the importance of the Community Manager in customer service.

Unprofessional responses that lead to the closure of a brand: the details of the Vocamx case
Interacting with companies on social media is common today, a completely natural behavior with so many people using social networks , in which they share with friends, get informed, entertain themselves and, with so many brands that offer their products, check prices and conditions of what they like .

Whether they buy or not, what they expect is to receive answers to their questions as the minimum they should find in customer service. They will decide later, but what they certainly do not expect is to receive a rude response or contempt from a brand that piqued their interest .


Unfortunately, bad days at work or inexperience can cause a Community to make mistakes and in the case of Vocamx, who seems to have never heard the marketing credo "the customer is always right", he answered a client's queries to make her decision. in a way considered the worst and very unprofessional .

Their communication, in every way detrimental to the brand, culminated with expressions such as “…we have the luxury of responding to you however we want” and “don't come back, thank you” ; which motivated the affected person to publish what happened on her networks, emphasizing that she was never rude to be treated that way, so she received the support of her friends who spread the anecdote like a ball of gossip. snow. In a little less than a week it reached more than 1,100 impressions and 1,600 Shares , spreading among public opinion that strongly criticized Vocamx.

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PostNapisane: So gru 02, 2023 05:59 

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